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Bcp Planning and Development


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Company Virtual Solutions Inc.
Foundations of Business Continuity Management

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3

Introduction 5

About Company Virtual Solutions 6

The Current Status of Business Continuity Planning 6

Historical Context 6

The New Plan 8

Using Recovery Planner 8

Configuration for TPT 9

Presentation 9

Compliance 10

Comprehensive Planning 10

Leadership Approval 12

The Plan Strategy 12

Team Structure 12

Figure 1: The Business Continuity Plan Team Organizational Chart 13

Emergency Management Team 13

Business Continuity Team 14

Business Unit Teams 15

Fly Out Teams 16

Fire Teams 16

The Four Phases of the Plan 16

Figure 2: The four phases of the Plan 16

Phase I - Appraisal 17

Phase II – Recovery Coordination 18

Phase III - Production 18

Phase IV – Site Restoration 19

Business Unit Plan Structure 20

Alternative Sites 21

Planning Refinement Recommendations 22

Risk Assessment 22

Business Impact Analysis 22

Emergency Response 23

Disaster Recovery 23

Testing and Restoration 24

Future State 25

Comprehensive Business Planning 25

ACP Workflow Planning 26

Awareness and Training 27

Maintaining Support 27

Projected Timeline 28

Figure 3: Projected Timeline 29

Tasks 29

Conclusion 30

Sources 31

Appendix A 32

Appendix B 34

Executive Summary

Business continuity at Company has been undergoing a significant transformation from July to October of 2009. This analysis reviews that transformation in detail, covering the new technologies implemented, planning and team concepts, and the required next steps. These next steps are detailed in Appendix B at the end of the

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