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Benifits and Disavanatges of Remotes and Robotic Surgery


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The Benefits and disadvantages of remotes and robotic surgery
Robotic surgeries is a new technology that has drastically changed the health and medicine aspects by giving hope and promises in finding ways to cure patients. Robotic surgery is a new revolution and is one of the most used methods in hospitals. Until todays date the robotic and remote devices has increased their used in hospitals and clinics, and there is no doubt that their use will decrease because they have succeed in the past. As the time pass, robots and surgery remotes take a big picture in hospitals, but that doesn’t mean they are replacing humans. In fact they improved their knowledge and their ability skills to operate small and larger incisions. Robotic surgeries has helped many hospitals stability for patients and has increase the opportunities to complete multiple operation with less time that was used before. There are many types of robotic surgeries, and each work depending on the patient’s needs. Several types of robotic surgeries may be used depending on the patients and they can be used to treat different conditions. Furthermore, there are patients that don’t qualified for this types of surgeries because they don’t have the resistance to survive this operations, or they don’t have the financial requirement to pay for a surgery. Every new technology has their ups and downs, and robotic surgery does not stay behind. Before robotic surgeries and remotes to hits the process of maturity stage, they have to pass through the process of stability and security to analyze the benefits and disadvantages for the new technology. The new technology in hospitals have increase the possibility of a healthier medical environment. The remote and robotic surgeries has many benefits, and plenty of disadvantages that affects the security of many hospitals.

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