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New York never again
Joey just came home from New York, and can’t think of anything else but to call Suzie and tell her what happened. Joey calls Suzie.
“Hi Suzie, its Joey”. “Joey finally, what happened in New York, I’ve been so worried?!”
“Well, here is the story. I was in New York visiting my grandma. I was shopping alone in the beautiful streets of New York, when I suddenly ran into some old friends from England. We talked for a while, and they wanted to hang out with me, to catch up from old days.
Of course I would, so we went to Central Park to chill. We talked and had so much fun. One of the guys, Andrew asked me if I could remember that one time, where the police caught me in having marijuana. I looked wondering at him. Andrew continued, “I took the blame for you that time, and you said you would owe me. I need it now. You see, the guys and I need some extra cash, and that’s why we are going to brake into an old warehouse, and you are going to help us”. I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say. The guys just stared at me, and waited for an answer. But I didn’t know what to answer. I had to say yes, I didn’t have a choice. I knew how harsh they were, and if I said no, I would be beaten up. Slowly I looked up at Andrew and politely said to him, that I would do more than anything to help my old fellas.
Andrew had already planned this, so he had a bag with him. He handed the bag to me, and a note where an address stood. “Be there at 8 pm tonight”. I slowly walked to the exit of the park, scared as hell. What was going to happen now? I couldn’t just stay away, they knew everything about me, and they would find me fast if they knew I was going to leave them in the lurch
The time was suddenly 7.30 pm and I was on my way to the address in a cap. When I arrived, Andrew and the other guys where there. They waved me over, and explained what was going to

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