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Community-oriented policing is a system that addresses the top concerns of the community which implies there would need to be more communication between members of the community and police officers. The article Policing on Bicycles and Horses by Sam Swindell focuses on two types of community-oriented policing. The two types being bicycle and mounted patrol of C.O.P. Bicycle patrol is a type of community policing patrol serves well in that the police have the opportunity to encounter more citizens and extend their contacts in the community. Many police departments have been adapting bicycle patrols into their community policing programs due to the positive response given by the community and the officers. Mounted patrol has been around for centuries and will continue to be around as there is always a positive response from the community. Police on bicycles seem more approachable and attractive to citizens especially the youth. The officers tend to dress informal so they can be better recieved by the community. These officers have the same advatages as those on foot patrol have, but they are able to get move faster. They can hear, see and smell the community around them. The bicycles can go where cars can not. In the Los Angeles Police Department they enhanced mobility crowd control when bicycle patrol was first deployed in 2000. The article also states that bicycle patrol is quieter than any car. The article tells about the disadvatages of bicycle patrol. It states that eleven percent have been stuck by a car while riding on duty and about twenty-five percent had other than minor injuries. Another disadvantage is the lack of mobility. They are not able to cover a large area and can not respond quickly to calls in the surrounding areas. Both bicycle and horse patrol units are extremely vulnerable plus can be dangerous to ride. If a suspect is being pursed by one

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