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MS MR – cosmic love

flight facilities ft Elizabeth rose – I didn’t believe cold war kids – lost that easy yeah yeah yeahs – despair mumford and sons – whispers in the dark jinja safari – hiccups jinja safari – mermaids empire of the sun – dna andy bull – baby I am nobody now architecture in Helsinki – in the future massive attack – teardrops spiderbait – buy me a pony blur – song 2 silverchair – tomorrow the wombats – lets dance to joy division muse – knights of cydonia queens of the stone age – no one knows grinspoon – chemical heart modest mouse – float on augie march – one crowded hour radiohead – paranoid android pixies – where is my mind pixies – here comes your man pixies – debaser the smiths – this charming man the smiths – there is a light that never goes out the smiths – asleep glasvegas – the world is yours glasvegas – euphoria, take my hand the big pink – hit the ground the big pink – crystal visions
Bombay bicycle club – shuffle
Bombay bicycle club – always like this
Bombay bicycle club – lights out, words gone
The wombats – Tokyo
The wombats – jump into the fog
The wombats – techno fan
The wombats – 1996
Karise eden – threads of silence
The kinks – waterloo sunset
The kinks – you really got me
The kinks – all day and all of the night
The kooks – naïve
The kooks – seaside
Ray lamontagne – let it be me
Ray lamontagne – trouble
Kings of leon – supersoaker
Vance joy – riptide
Vance joy – play with fire
San cisco – beach
San cisco – rocket ship
Big scary – luck now
Big scary – leaving home
Last dinosaurs – zoom
Gabrielle aplin – start again
Adele – rolling in the deep
Kings of leon – use somebody
Coldplay – the scientist
The beatles – Eleanor rigby
John lennon – imagine
Delta goodrem – born to try
Karmin – acapella
Prince – purple rain
Missy Higgins – scar
Missy Higgins – the special two
Missy Higgins – the sound of white
Missy Higgins – everyones waiting
Dana fuchs – bliss avenue
Coldplay – clocks
Coldplay – fix you
Lana Del Rey –summertime sadness
Imagine dragons – on top of the world
Panama – we have love
Fingertips ft lola siren– do it (on the knightly)
Boy & bear – feeding line
Boy & bear – southern sun
Boy & bear – a moments grace
Katy perry – roar
Lana del rey & cedric gervais – summertime sadness
Eskimo joe – from the sea
Lorde – team
Haim – the wire
Haim – don’t save me
Haim – falling
Redfoo – lets get ridiculous
One republic – something I need
John newman – love me again
Katy perry – dark horse
Kodaline – all I want
Kodaline – love like this
Nonono – pumping blood
Emma birdsall – lovers & friends
Maroon 5 – love somebody
Drake – hold on, were going home
Gossling – never expire
Papa vs pretty – my life is yours
The john steel singers – everythings a thread
The ashton shuffle – comfortable
Calling all cars – warewolves
John newman – cheating
Michael paskalev – I spy
Peace – lovesick
Holy ghost – dumb disco ideas
The naked and famous – hearts like ours
Two door cinema club – changing of the seasons
Kings of leon – wait for me
London grammar – strong
Awolnation – sail
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James Arthur – youre nobody till somebody loves you
Uncle jed – give me love
Ellie goulding – how long will I love you
INXS – never tear us apart
Macklemore and ryan lewis – white walls
Birdy – wings
Jason mraz – I wont give up
Jennifer Hudson – and im telling you
Bonnie mckee – sleepwalker
Taylor swift – sweeter than fiction
Travie mccoy ft Jason mraz – rough water
Bonnie mckee – American girl
Ray foxx – boom boom
Emma birdsall – lovers and friends
Nonono – pumping blood
Klangkarussell ft will heard – sonnentanz
The rubens – my gun
Flume – sleepless
Seth sentry – dear science
Django django – default two door cinema club – sun wolf alice – bros gossling – never expire
London grammar – strong
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