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In baseball, it__s better to be lucky than good, according to Bill Buckner. He should know__Buckner was very good. He was an All__Star Gold Glove first baseman, who played
22 years in the major leagues, including four seasons for the Boston Red Sox.
This summer, Buckner is back in baseball and back in New England, where he__s reminded that twenty__two years of being good can't erase one moment of being unlucky.
On October 25__1986__it was the Boston Red Sox against the New York Mets in game six of the World Series. The
Red Sox were one strike away from winning their first championship since 1918. After they got a couple of hits and a wild pitch__suddenly the game was tied. The Mets__ Mookie Wilson stepped to the plate. Boston Red Sox first …show more content…
The ball Wilson hit went through Buckner's legs__and the Red Sox lost. One unlucky moment and two decades of being good didn't seem to matter any more__Buckner scarred his winning record.
Buckner left and eventually settled in Idaho, where he could relax, hunt, fish, and live peacefully with his wife and kids__ Brittany__Christen__and Bobby.
He did a bit of major league coaching in the '90__s__ but Buckner accepted an offer to come back to professional baseball in New England. Buckner became the manager of the Brockton Rox__a semi__pro team of baseball dreamers.
Buckner is a minor celebrity here in Brockton, which is about 30 miles south of Boston. On a recent evening in
Campanelli Stadium__there were about 200 people in the stands and a man dressed as a kangaroo. Yes__the team mascot. Buckner was in the dugout.
__You know, baseball__s a game of failures and a lot of downs in the game__and you have to shake it off, and the good players could do that,__ he says. __Think about it. Baseball is a game of averages__but over a short period of time

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