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Biology 141, Spring 2012
Exam 1 Study Questions

The questions on the first hour exam will be based on those given below. Questions on the exam will be in multiple choice form, but if you can answer the questions here, you will have no trouble with the exam. [Notes: 1. These questions are meant to provoke thought and study. Do not ask the instructors or the TAs to provide you with the answers. 2. Crossed out study questions will not be use as the basis for exam questions.]

1. What is the difference between a hypothesis and a scientific Theory? Between a hypothesis and a prediction? What kinds of hypotheses are useful for scientific investigations that try to explain the natural world, and which are not? Give one or more examples of hypotheses that are and are not scientifically useful.

The difference between a hypothesis and a scientific theory is that a hypothesis is a proposed ‘theory’ and a scientific theory is theories that explain and predict any observable occurrence therefor the scientific theory is testing the hypothesis. The difference between a hypothesis and a prediction is that a hypothesis is used as an explanation to theory, and is proposed at the beginning of an experiment, while a prediction is the result of an experiment based on the hypothesis that is being tested. The kind of hypotheses’ that are useful scientific investigations that try to explain the natural world would be directional and testable hypotheses. A directional hypothesis would be useful in this instance because “they are usually derived from theory… and they specify the expected direction of the relationship between variables” (Vickers, and Offredy). A testable hypothesis would be useful in this instance because they

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