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Samuel Ghiramtzion
Ghettopoloy is created to be multicultural (?) of life in the ghetto, and it is not just meant for the African American in racist manner according to the creator of the game. Yet, the term that Ghettopoly game uses are offensive and looks it pointing to the black people. For example, they use like, playas, pimps, Marijuana, hos, crack addicts refers to Americans imagined in black experience; Those terms and images are spread throughout our young society. but it is a stereotype to just point it toward black people because not all black people use those kind of terms, and it makes black people look bad and irresponsible. The game could reinforce negative perceptions in non-minorities playing the game, who then interact with the stereotype victims in a stigmatizing fashion….right?) The big image of the black man wearing bandanna and holding machine gun on one hand and a bottle of liquor on the other hand in middle of the game makes it look it is all about life style of black people. The People who play Ghettopoly often used slang or Black English during their game. No matter what color the person is, he has to pretend black because the slang term of the game. That's why Darryl Rouson the president of the St. Petersburg and other make a plan to stop selling Ghettopoly game because it might effect the teenager's mind if their playing game the stereotype victims may come to believe they are deviants who can do no better; and then conform to the negative expectations, which produce social isolation and exclusion, the...

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