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During Block III, I felt I was put in several positions that made me question TGH policies and procedures. Questioning these procedures enticed me to look further into some nursing/medical ethics. In the particular case I am questioning, a family member of a deceased patient walked into the patient’s room as we were preparing the body for viewing. No one noticed that the family member was on the floor, or stopped the family prior to entering the room. I questioned this ethically because our job as nurses is to take care of the patient and the family. We failed this patient’s family by allowing the family to be seen in such a way that is unforgettable. I can only imagine the pain and hurt this young woman felt when walking into a room that had …show more content…
Who follows up with the family? Who cries with them? From this incident, I learned that the physicians call the family and notify them that there is a change in status and they are needed immediately. I also learned that no one waits for the family at the door, that no one is there as soon as they get off the elevator, and that no one stops them from entering such a horrific scene. There were three nurses at the desk and one technician and everyone was “too busy” to notice them. Not only did it affect me as the nurse who was assisting but it also hurt the primary nurse on the case. To sum it up, from this incident I learned that you have to take care of one another. As nurses, we are so task oriented that we forget other humans around us. We have to speak up and notice when the unnoticed is not being taken care of. When I say “unnoticed” I speaking about things that people do not realize is important at that time. In my opinion, someone should have been waiting for the family as they came up or met them in a room to discuss with them the events that occurred. It should NEVER be a time when the family is uninformed, it should never be a time when they are alone while processing a death of a love

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