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Reaping Rewards from Celebrity Endorsements Everybody in the neighborhood had been waiting anxiously for the Saturday afternoon to arrive. Coca-Cola had advertised via posters in the neighborhood that they would be hosting an event in the local social hall with Taylor Swift as the guest performer. As one of my favorite artists, I could not imagine missing this once in a lifetime event, especially considering the close proximity of the venue to our home. Taylor Swift was gracing the event as a brand ambassador for Diet Coke. The Saturday afternoon was very lively. Many attendees were teenagers and young adults from all demographics. There was one large billboard in the stage where Swift performed and other small diet coke logos throughout the venue. The performance by the celebrity was thrilling. Amid performances, Swift would point out some benefits of Diet Coke and the ecstatic crowd would reply with huge applauds. Even though I was not able to interact with Swift, I managed to speak with the event organizers and got useful insights regarding the importance of celebrity-endorsed advertisements especially to target groups that are familiar with the celebrity. I learned that this marketing strategy is important for attracting new users, influencing consumer purchases, building awareness, positioning a brand as well as building life into a falling brand such as Diet Coke that was the main product advertised during the event. Celebrity endorsements can also increase ad recall and make people to believe that the product contributes to the superstar’s status. I realized this as I interacted with other people who had attended this promotional event, most of whom were Taylor Swift’s fans. All the fans I talked to believed that products backed by Taylor Swift must of necessity be

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