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Examining Ethical and Legal Issues


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Examining Ethical and Legal Issues Valery Long
The Internet has come a long way since it has been introduced to the public and it has grown vastly over the years. There is new technology popping up everywhere giving more people access to the Internet more than ever. With having this accessibility people are able to find more things out. The information that you can find on the Internet is endless. With this being said people, students in general has become too dependent on the Internet for help. This can cause a problem. There has been a lot of talk and speculation on whether on students using the Internet to do their assignments; copying someone else’s work and using it as their own. This has brought around the conversation that some students are being unethical in their own work. But there are some students that work really had at putting their own thoughts and ideas together, for their own work. The students that use other people’s work tend to get in trouble for it. Plagiarism is frowned upon in the Academic community. You are allowed to use bits and pieces of information but you must give acknowledgment to where you found the information and who wrote it first. When writing it is very important to form your own opinion so no one can say you plagiarized someone else. You find this a lot in blogs on the Internet. You read one blog go to another on the same topic and it’s the same. This makes you wonder who wrote theirs first. Thankfully there is a post date on these blogs. For bloggers on the Internet there should be some type of code when it comes to writing. Bloggers should only blog about their own stuff and the ones that are copying other writers and posting it as their own should be called out on it. It is not fair to other writers that have put a lot of work into something they wrote about to have some random person come along and steal it. So should there be a code of ethics for Internet authors or bloggers? The answer is yes.

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