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Bloodline- Short Story

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Bloodline- CrimeLove/Family Relations
Jamal Rowe.

Golden rays of sunshine peeped through the cracks in the musty apartment’s windows; Mother Nature’s early morning alarm clock. Disgruntled, he got up out of his battered leather couch and headed for the old-motel-esque bathroom. A quick flick of the light switch revealed his reflection staring back at him in the dirty bathroom mirror.
His hair was the opposite of the regular. His black locks were ragged. Blue eyes stared back at him as he examine himself. Below his arrow-like nose was a 5 o’clock shadow shave with stubs. He looked like the end product of a 3 night hangover after spring break. Ignoring his appearance, he headed into the shower and soon emerged looking 5 years younger. Throwing on his clothes and pocket up his gun and NYPD badge, he emerged into the early morning bustle of New York City.
After consuming his usual coffee and donut ‘Breakfast’ he hailed a taxi and after a few minutes he was at the New York Police Department. “Jack Talbott!” and a warm smile and handshake came from Police Chief Ezra Collig. Jack acknowledged him and was shown to the chief’s office. “Come here boy, it’s really important, hell, it’s dire business, dangerous to say the least.” Said chief Collig woefully. The look on Jack’s face could show that he was intrigued about it. “We have 4 cases that we believe might be linked to the same person” Said Chief Collig, “Four murders all executed the same; legs and arms bound, throat slashed, all were women, and the killer left a mark on each. They were a combination of lines. We have no idea what those are for. See the trend Talbott?” Jack agreed, “Yes Chief.” Collig continued, “The person’s motive for doing such things? We have no idea. I suppose you know your case now.” The burly, country-looking man gave Jack the case files and eased into his recliner while crossing his legs on the table between them. Jack took the documents and started his work on the case.
Depositing the files in his desk drawer, he set out on the streets, hoping to find some information regarding the deaths. Informants, people in the street, bartenders, nurses, construction workers, were all questioned, but it was to no avail. Disgruntled, he decided to have a drink in a local bar to blow off some steam. As he started to feel relaxed, memories of his childhood and his parents’ started to flow. He lost both parents in a car crash and he never met his sister Ludevine. With memories of the past barraging his mind, he decided to take a walk.
Not caring where he was going, he walked, and walked, and walked, and walked. When he decided to stop, a dimly lit, barely visible sign saying “Cemetery” loomed overhead in the evening sky. He had strayed far. He thought, “What am I doing at a cemetery at this time?” Trotting along the evergreen grass, he unnoticeably kicked two interlocking headstones. After shining his pocket flashlight on it, he was startled. It was his parents’. He walked from his problems only to encounter them again. As he knelt down to touch the headstone, two shots rang out, BANG! BANG! and whistled into the tree beside him. He ducked for cover while scanning the cemetery for any sign of someone. A quick glance to his left revealed the silhouette of a woman dashing out the cemetery. “No use running after her now.” He thought. After collecting the bullets in an evidence bag, he set out for home, but cautiously watching his surroundings in case the woman would show up again. Sleep lingered around his eyes and as soon as he touched the couch he was fast asleep.
He woke up the next morning bright and related last night’s happenings to Chief Collig. He asked to be allowed to be off duty for today, and Chief Collig agreed. Jack went to the cemetery from 4 PM to begin his stakeout, but nothing special happened, but Around 7:30 he saw the silhouette of a woman standing over his parents’ grave! Approaching cautiously and stealthily, he rounded the graves over on the left side, dodging behind trees and headstones. He approached to the back of the woman, all the while thinking she did not see him. The woman acknowledged him without turning around to face him, addressing him as ‘brother’.
Shocked, he jumped up and ask her who she was, where she’s from, why is she at his parents’ grave. A barrage of questions followed and she chuckled. “I am Ludevine, sorry I couldn’t get to know you earlier Jack”. Jack couldn’t believe what he just heard, and was in awe. She list everything in the family’s history with efficiency, and explained to him that she was in a foster home when he was born. Jack was about to approach her when she suddenly raised her right arm and fired a shot in his direction! With cat-like instincts, he flew out of the way and reached for his holster. A gun battle ensued and his mind was filled with questions as to what were her intentions. Not given the time to know his sister, and the possibility of his death looming, he decided to fight back. She let him know that she was the killer of the four women. The lines on their bodies served as a map to where she could be found. It was very absurd, why would she want to be found? “Give up, Jack!” she shouted. “BANG! BANG!” shots rang out. One connected in his stomach and he had to admit defeat. “I give up Ludevine, you win.” He was about to be bounded by her but he tripped her and she fell face-first into a nearby headstone. He steps over her, “Sorry I couldn’t get to know you better, Sister.” BANG! And her brains lay splat on the ground.
He walked away, head held high, but a tear fell from his eye. After all, he never really knew his sister, what caused her to be like this? Why did she do this? Knowing he won’t find answers from a dead person, he went to his favorite bar in Queens and drank the night away. Waking up in the ram shackled bar, drooling and all, he left a tip with the bartender and set out for home. After getting quickly freshened up, he headed off to the NYPD head department to report what had happened with Chief Collig. Distraught, he offered Jack the day off but he denied. He set off for home.
Weeks passed until Jack got a call from the Mayor of New York, thanking him for catching the killer of the women as one of them were his daughter. The Mayor offered him a cash reward and told Chief Collig to promote him for his feat. Jack thankfully accepted both proposals and went back to sleep. He heard of Ludevine’s funeral on Channel 7 News and decided he’d attend.
Wearing a long black trench coat and sunglasses, he stood at the top of hill in the cemetery, observing the funeral proceedings of his sister and as her coffin went down into the ground, he disappeared with the wind. “Family or not, she still broke the law, something I’ve always stood out against, I’d never change it for her, I’m sorry, Ludevine” and the words too disappeared into the wind like they’ve never been uttered. After going to the bar and having a couple of drinks, he walked home in the winter breeze. Sleep lingered in his eyes, and he hurried home to lay his head. As he went to bed and put his head on the pillow, the lights dimmed, and his eyes shut. He was going to sleep and imagine what happened before never happened at all.

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