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An important aspect about the case is to understand what the overall objective of the case is. Father Daniel Mary primary objective or goal was and is to obtain the necessary funds to purchase the Lake Irma Ranch at price of $8.9 million. To achieve his objective, he relies on the charitable contributions to the monastery and the profits from the Mystic Monk Coffee enterprise. However, he has determined that the charitable contributions and the profits from the Coffee enterprise will not yield nearly enough to secure the property. To enhance their abilities to raise funds, they have developed and utilized various strategies to differentiate itself from other (1) use of high quality Arabica and Organic Arabic beans, (2) providing wholesale sales to churches and local coffee shops, etc.
In addition, their strategy fit the company’s current position. The market for specialty coffees, of which Mystic Monk is a part, has grown at an annual rate of 32 percent between 2000 and 2007. In addition organic specialty coffees, which is another major resource for of Mystic has grown to $1 billion by the end of 2007. In addition, the strategy has yielded a sustainable competitive advantage and can produce a good financial performance. The average profit margin of 11 percent is easily an indication of strong financial performance.
Finally, in order to increase sales and to recognize the full potential of Mystic Monk, the marketing strategy should be turned up more. Advertising on the internet should be more robust, further advertising within the Catholic Church is essential, and providing promotional material to the general public will increase opportunities for

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