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Boring Teachers


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Boring Teachers on Campus

Picture yourself sitting in a classroom on the verge between a conscious state and a deep sleep, while a constant droning voice fills the background. You are in a college class trying to ingest valuable knowledge but just can’t seem to find anything worthy of interest in the teachings to even keep you awake. It’s as if the guy at the front of the class has been swinging a pendulum back and forth for the past hour. Many students have experienced these types of professors and have suffered in the grading department due to their lack of concentration during the dull class. These boring teachers waste the money you spent to take the course, provide a loss of potential knowledge and may even cause you to drop out of school. This is why these mind-numbing teachers need to be fired or at the very least made to wear a funny hat to keep the pupils attention. Yes, it may be harsh to say that these well educated monotonous passers of intelligence should be let go of their duties but it is the truth and nothing but the truth. The average college class costs around two or three hundred big ones to attend. Imagine what you can do with that much money, like buy a new toy or maybe pay half your months rent. Now imagine paying for a bad grade and no increase of intelligence whatsoever. That would tick me off a wee bit and I would be willing to drop a pretty penny to say that it would anger you as well. This is exactly what the average monotone professor is able to accomplish by not even being interesting enough to teach. Many would consider a class where you don’t learn and all you do is maybe catch up on some sleep a BIG WASTE OF MONEY. Sorry for the outburst but it gets to me knowing that a teacher should be the source of such squander. Not to say that these kind people are trying to waste your time they just bore you out of

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