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Born in the Usa

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Born in the USA

'You end up like a dog that's been beat too much'
Bruce Springsteen, the author of Born in the USA, describes Americans as dogs, and he uses the word 'like', so that this sentence is a simile.This lyric shows that the author utterly detest to Vietnam War vividly. Definitely, 'End up like a dog' is a miserable outcome for people, thus, to indicate the enormous pain and despair for Americans' born mind and body which Carries by the war. Besides, the author does also emphasis that the dog 'has been beat too much', so this simile gives listeners a more clear sense of the horrible of the Vietnam War, and listeners exactly feel the misery of people that suffer during the war time.
'Born in the USA!'
Seemingly, 'Born in the USA!' is a proud patriotic cheer from Americans, however, associating to this song's context and background, it's an ironic experience-- a sad and biting bemoan. Since 1976, every American believes the American Dream, the protagonist is as well. Nevertheless, after the protagonist suffers the Vietnam War, such a ridiculous and meaningless war, when he comes back the country, he even can't find a good job and still falls into the despair! In this situation, the American Dream is nothingness lie, and the protagonist yells 'born in the USA' to unbosom him pain and taunts this corrupt society.
End rhyme
'Born down in a dead man's town The first kick I took was when I hit the ground'. The author uses the end rhyme for make the song with a great atmosphere, full of rhythm, so that, listeners can be attracted by this song and continue to listen.

This song is the despair and query for American society at that time. In this song, the author talks about the story of a Vietnam veteran. He contributes his energy and youth to the war and America, but he can't find a job during the economy depression to survive

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