Branches of Government

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Branches of Government
Michael Mousaw
April 25, 2011
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Ric Hulshoff

Branches of Government

The founding Fathers of America divided the United States government into three branches of power in order to maintain a system of checks and balances. They did not want a government where one person or one body of government had all the power. The founding fathers of these United States wanted to step away from the totalitarian system of governance imposed on colonial America by the British (Trethan).

Three Branches of Government

With this thought in mind the founding Fathers of the United States came up with what Americans know now as the Federalist governing system. This Federalist government consists of the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. Each of these branches has its own distinct and essential duties to perform in the function of the United States government (Trethan).

Executive Branch

The executive branches of the United States government consist of the president, vice-president, and 15 cabinet level departments. These 15 cabinet level departments include the State, Defense, Interior, Transportation, and Education. The chief point of power is in the hands of the president. The president chooses his vice president, cabinet members, and appoints the Supreme Court Justices. The primary function of the executive branch is to ensure the laws are carried out, the constitution is followed, and that the day to day operations like collecting taxes, homeland security, and representing the United States political and economic interest around the world (Trethan).

Legislative Branch

The Legislative branch of the new Federalist based government consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate, which form the United States Congress. Article 1 of the Constitution grants the Congress…...