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What Are The Three Branches Of Government

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The Constitution, created by the Founding Fathers, limited the power the national government had. With this new addition for the United States, the national government wouldn’t become too powerful and take over like the king of England. The people didn’t want a government that would become too powerful and turn into a monarchy. This new addition was made after the Articles of Confederation failed to rule America. The Constitution included a government with three branches, the Legislative branch, Judicial, and Executive branch. These three branches would have power over different things and neither three would have more power over the others. This way, people would feel safe and wouldn’t be afraid their national government would become too strong. And we still have this type of government today. …show more content…
This system stops our government from becoming too powerful and taking over. According to Usa.Gov, the three branches of government are the Judicial, Legislative, and Executive Branch. The Judicial Branch is the branch that makes laws and is made of the Supreme Court and other courts. The Legislative Branch is the branch that makes the laws. The Congress is included in this branch. The Congress is also divided into two, the House of Representatives and the Senate. The last branch is the Executive Branch, this branch carries out or enforces the laws made by Congress. The leader of this branch is the president, and the president has help from his cabinet. These people advise the president. The cabinet includes the vice president who helps the president; if something happens to the president, then the vice president will take over. This system allows the government to have different powers. This is also called the separation of powers. The separation of powers divides the power so one branch does not become too power and takes over like the King of

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