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Branding Is One of the Key Elements of Marketing in Today’s Global World (Based on Lee and Carter 2012). Critically Appraise How Marketers Can Manage Brands Across Transnational Markets. Consider the Competitive

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Branding is one of the key elements of marketing in today’s global world (based on Lee and Carter 2012).
Critically appraise how marketers can manage brands across transnational markets. Consider the competitive advantage that branding brigs to a product as well as the cultural considerations that must be respected. Choose ONE brand in your industry as an example to illustrate your points.

Branding in a Global tourism marketing strategy is key element (Witt and Moutinho, 1995). A brand is composed of a name, design or sign, which is adopted to recognise a facility delivered by an institution or organization (Witt and Moutinho, 1995).
This essay will discuss the importance of branding as a key element in today’s global marketing. We will take in consideration of Virgin as an example of Global brand.
Mawson (2000) argues that in the United States of America, Back in the days in the Mid-west, the cowboys would imprint with a very hot iron their cattle’s buttocks with the name of their ranch to show possession and to marked them to differentiate from the neighbour’s. This is an example of how branding existed decades ago. A brand is purely a merchandise or service which can be notable from its rivals (Hankinson and Cowking, 1996). Popular brands are the ones that fulfil the desires and objective of a distinct target market (Hankinson and Cowking, 1996).
Branding is an important and planned process that embroils all parts of the firm in its delivery (Randall, 1997). It does involve marketing, but is not confined to the marketing sector and has an on-going relationship with the consumers and users (Randall, 1997). Brand help providers to gain a loyal and lucrative set of customers, also brand is synonymous of trademark that offers legal protection for exclusive security in case of imitators (Kotler et al., 2005). Branding help suppliers to...

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