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Bsa 375 Team Project


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Requirements for Kudler’s Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program

Daniel W. Burgess, Richard Rives, Darrell Crosson, Warren Johnson, and Antoin Jenkins

Axia College University of Phoenix

Requirements for Kudler’s Find Foods Frequent Shopper Program

Introduction In an effort to maintain a competitive edge in the gourmet food industry, Kudler Find Foods will implement changes to the company’s infrastructure and overall networking capabilities to create a shopping program for our dedicated customers. A system analysis team has been created to meet this challenge led by Daniel W. Burgess, Vice President of Operations, Richard Rives, Director of Information Technology, Darrell Crosson, Director of Human Resources, Warren Johnson, IT Specialist, and Antoin Jenkins, Program Coordinator. The goal of the project is to provide our customers with the best processing methodology to complete error free transactions; generate feedback from users; and address any issues from customers by upgrading our customer service operations. The scope of the Frequent Flyer Program (Service Request Form, SR-kf-013) will entail low-level processes that focus on the business aspects of our IT department and the processes that involve a RAD (Rapid Application Development) system. The program will be able to operate on a global scale with operations in Asia, China, Japan, and South America. Upgrades to our systems will represent different approaches that streamline and improve the system and design processes identified from different perspectives that affect the overall operations of our company. The scope of the project will also include several requirements that affect the design of the system specifically “project requirements and “process requirements”. The “project requirements” will describe the characteristics of the program. The requirements will focus on the

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