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Building Blocks Academy


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Build Blocks Academy

Jiszelle Ferguson
Marketing 500
Charles Richardson

Building Blocks Academy Business Plan
Company Background: Why are we so different? Jiszelle Ferguson is the founder of building blocks academy. She has an Associate Science degree in early childhood and a Bachelor of Science in Business administration. Her vision came from own experience as a working parent searching for quality care in her area for her children. She experience that many childcare providers tuition in the North Fulton area were not reasonably priced to fit the average middle class American family. Her passion and experience for caring for children is why she decided to develop and start Building Blocks academy home child care center. We are a family based child care facility that was developed for dual and single working parents. At Building Blocks Academy we believe that every child can have a high quality learning environment regardless of cost. We know through experience that quality care can help children achieve higher cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills. Providing quality care in these early years of a child's life makes a difference in their success, education, and helps them achieve early learning skills. Together with parents we create classroom environments for children that incorporate unique enrichment programs that fit their child's needs and developmental level. Following this method allows us to address the needs of your child as an individual. The center will offer enrichment classes such as sports, creative movement, music, technology, or language in 8 weeks series throughout the year. We will also offer themed private parties every first and 3rd weekend of the month. Providing these extra activities is what will make building blocks academy unique, not only will your child receive excellent care and learning but, they

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