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Building relationships is an important facet of any career-seeking adult. Building and maintaining a relationship can lead to valuable advice regarding a career, valuable insight and perhaps even a career opportunity. In order to build a successful relationship, one must first be an approachable person, secondly, one must nurture the relationship, and lastly, one must not quit trying. Often people wonder why they don’t have relationships that are more than “surface level”. A main reason is the approachability of a person. To be approachable one must have appropriate welcoming body language. The easiest of ways to seem approachable is to smile. You may not realize by having a straight face comes off as unwelcoming. How are you to start a conversation if you look mad? Several other ways that come off as unapproachable body language is crossing of the arms, distracting devices such as cellphones (which makes you appear busy), and failure to make eye contact. These small details have a big impact on relationship building. It is important to remember to look happy and welcoming to all those around you. Once a relationship is established, and the initial meeting went well, you must continue to nurture that relationship. One of the most common mistakes when building relationships is leaving a relationship alone, assuming a relationship will survive without regular contact (Billingham, 2013). Writing an email with such questions as simple as “How have you been?” can lead to maybe a lunch date or some sort of gathering and valuable conversation. This helps keep you fresh in the person’s mind as well as letting them know they are fresh in yours. During these conversations it is helpful to let the other person know that you have interest and what they are saying, be attentive and give compliments regularly. Lastly, if a relationship fails to happen, do not force it; but more importantly do not give up on continuing to make relationships. Regardless if you were approachable, had spectacular body language, kept in touch and did all the right things to build a relationship, sometimes relationships don’t bud into what you expect. Don’t be hard on yourself or have negative thoughts that it is your fault; some people just don’t mesh. Use this as a tool to progress and better your existing relationships as well as new. Do not have unrealistic expectations of a relationship either. Understand that a referral can come when you least expect it, not within the first month of meeting. It would be useless to toss all relationships away after an unfair time span of not getting what you desire from it. Quitting on relationships that have potential (even slightly), is never a smart choice. Remember to be approachable people to ignite a professional relationship, secondly, keep in touch regularly and show interest in your relationships; lastly do stop trying. Surely using these three tips will help you become more successful with relationship building. There is so much value in having professional relationships, it may lead to advice, insight from an experienced person in a field in which you have interest, and ultimately might help you land a successful job.

Billingham, S. (2013). Seven mistakes when building professional relationships. Money Marketing, 38

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