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Bully for You - Theodre Roosevelt


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Introductory Information
I have chosen to write about Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. Teddy was born in New York City on October 27, 1858. He was known for many things, but he is especially remembered for being the youngest man to assume presidency. Have you ever seen MT. Rushmore? Teddy’s face along with other popular presidents such as Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln are located here. MT. Rushmore is one of the most famous U.S. landmarks.

Teddy grew up in New York City. He was not like you or I. Teddy didn’t attend school instead he was homed schooled. He was home schooled because he had a severe illness and asthma. At the age of 7 he showed some interest in his future career. His parents always encouraged him to explore his interest in becoming a naturist. If he was given a hurt animal he would nurse this animal back to a healthy state. His parents pushed him to develop a rigorous workout routine with boxing and heavy lifting.

During Teddy’s adulthood he attended Harvard, and Columbia Law. Teddy was elected to the New York state assembly at the age of 26. He was very determine, and a very hard worker. He overcame his poor health and the tragic deaths of love ones to become one of the greatest presidents in American history. He developed the domestic policy known as the “Square deal”. He advocated for the conservation of natural resources and consumer protection.

Honors and Awards
He received much recognition and many awards. He was awarded the noble peace prize for ending a war between Russia and Japan. He also received the congressional medal of honor. There are many memorials built in his honor. The most famous monument was MT. Rushmore located in the black hills of South Dakota. Teddy was a great American.

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