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Business Diversity


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1. It’s no secret that women are paid less than men, even when occupations are held constant, and even when those occupations are high-pay and high-skill. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median weekly earning for American female physicians working full-time is $1,497, while for men it is $2,087. A 2013 BLS report shows pay inequity by occupation for women of all races: women in architecture and engineering occupations earn 83.7% to the dollar in comparison to men and in computer and mathematical occupations 81% to the dollar in comparison to men. When Forbes analyzed 2012 median weekly earnings of full-time wage and salary workers data from BLS for the top-paying professions, they found that women earned on average approximately 83% to every dollar made by men.
Since choosing a STEM profession or climbing the corporate ladder simply guarantees a higher salary, not an equitable one, how can pay equity be achieved?
Much of the recent media focus on this issue has covered what women can personally do to close the pay gap. Clearly, women do need to do their

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