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Barack Obama took a strongly progressive stance for public education and for teachers, and against publicly-funded vouchers to pay for private school education, in this July 5, 2007 speech. Obama's remarks included a number of controversial proposals, including immediate, across-the-board pay raises for teachers, and redesign of standardized tests to support learning, not punishment of teachers. While Obama proposed to fix the many substantial problems of the No Child Left behind Act, he also slammed its shortcomings, and remarked, don't tell us that the only way to teach a child is to spend too much of the year preparing him to fill in a few bubbles on a standardized test. Over the last few years, I've been traveling to different schools and meeting with all kinds of educators to hear about what's working, what's not, what makes the difference when it comes to educating children today. I've gained a lot of valuable insight from these visits, but one I'll always remember is my trip to Dodge Elementary School in my hometown of Chicago. I was talking to one of the young teachers there about the challenges they faced, and she mentioned what she called the "These Kids Syndrome". The willingness of society to find a million excuses for why "these kids" can't learn. It's the idea that "these kids come from tough backgrounds" or that "these kids are too far behind." And after a while, "these kids" become somebody else's problem. Then she said to me, "When I hear that term, it drives me nuts. They're not 'these kids.' They're our kids. Our kids are why all of you are in this room today. Our kids are why you wake up wondering how you'll make a difference and go to bed thinking about tomorrow's lesson plan. Our kids are why you walk into that classroom every day even when you're not getting the support, or the pay, or the respect that you deserve -...

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