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Ethics are the principles that dictate an individual or group of individual’s actions. ("Ethics," 2013) This simple concept of differentiating between right and wrong explains the motivation of every individual who has ever lived. Their ethics guide them through the decisions they make in a lifetime. In this assignment I will attempt to recommend an ethical decision that is presented to a recent top graduate from Liberty University named Benji.
From our reading we learn that Benji is invited to attend an event at the New Gen Health Services headquarters. We are told that Benji accepts this all inclusive invitation and decides the opportunity is worth the trip. While awaiting his flight to Seattle Benji takes the opportunity to learn a little about the company that is attempting to recruit him. Once he begins his search Benji learns of some of the good things that the company does. He finds that New Gen sends researchers around the world in an attempt to find new beneficial health services. This action seems to be reinforced with another article that interviews the CEO who professes his mission of creating a healthier America and touting the companies leading ethics code. Having found these articles as well as many supporting the financial wellness of company Benji seems to have found a great company to work for. As it is with many situations things that appear too good to be true usually are. With continued researched Benji begins to find articles that paint a different picture of the company he is being courted by. He finds that New Gen has been supporting organizations such as ACLU and Planned Parenthood. In conjunction with this support Benji also finds the company may have been using business tactics that drove other distributors to bankruptcy.
Looking at this set of information we can begin to form a picture of the company known as New Gen Health Sciences.

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