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Code of Ethics
DB Management Consultants is in business to serve non-profit clients with excellent management consulting skills and expertise that are essential for pursuing our client's goals. Our honesty and service is what we are all about and honest ethical behavior is our main priority. At DB Management Consultants we expect all of our employees, managers to behave ethically to company standards. If company ethical standards are violated than the employee can face disciplinary action and termination of his or her employment.
The fulfillment of ethical rules and policy is a fundamental element to our Ethics Program- that pertains to DB Management Consultants; furthermore ensures compliance to rules and regulations within the company.
Honesty and Service
Integrating honesty and service means high morality; with customer satisfaction and good execution of work. Having a high morality shows proper care for people in our communities and socially responsible.
Ethical Behavior
DB Management Consultants employees and staff are expected to be honest and candid in their communications with their managers and with one another. When dealing with clients, government entities and the general public we need to act to the utmost level of personal integrity and promote in onto others.
Employees must not be dishonest, deceiving or steal. All of DB Management Consultants employees must refrain from these illegal actions that can give our company a bad name.
Quality Work and Customer Satisfaction
DB Management Consultants aim to preserve the utmost level of quality service. We seek to construct a strategic plan to execute real value to our client to help improve effectiveness, help them solve internal managing problems, and to re-build their business. We make every effort to perform our best in every job we come across; to be competent; and to work thoroughly to steer...

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