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California vs. Hawaii

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California vs. Hawaii

Both states have a great appeal and attraction to many people. What brings an individual or family to visit or reside in California or Hawaii? Here are some facts that weigh the similarities and differences between the two.

California and Hawaii are both part of the United States. California was taken away from the Spanish, while Hawaii was taken away from the Hawaiians. This affected the people of both states, their culture, how they see life and how they live. For California, this left a strong Spanish influence. Many streets in Southern California, for examples, and cities have Spanish names such as San Diego, Los Angeles, and Fontana. One can see the influence in architecture. The same is true for Hawaii. The street names for example, Kuhio Highway, Kuamoo and Melia are all Hawaiian.

Though there are many people living in both states, the ethnic mix is unlike parts of the mid-west, where there is not much diversity. In Hawaii and California, there are many different cultures and ethnic groups. According to the 1990 US Census, the largest ethnic group in Hawaii are Asian and Pacific Islanders which comprise 62%, followed by White at 33% of the population. The largest ethnic group in California is White at 69% followed by Hispanic at 25%.

California and Hawaii are like magnets that draw both young and old. In California, movie star fans flock to Hollywood to get a glimpse of their favorite actor or actress. The Mann's Chinese Theather, tours of the network studios and the amusement parks are very popular attractions. In Hawaii, natural beauty, magnificent volcanoes, sunny weather, endless beaches, and the aloha spirit bring many visitors to experience paradise. They come from around the world for sightseeing, fun and relaxation.

In contrast, California is quite different from Hawaii. As crime rate

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