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August 2012 Su M T W 1 5 12 19 1 26 6 13 20 27 7 14 21 28 8 15 22 29 T 2 9 16 23 30 F 3 10 17 24 31 Sa 4 11 18 25 24 27

Academic Calendar 2012/2013
Public Holidays / Students’ Recess


(開學禮)Opening Ceremony (開課)First Day of Classes (1st Semester)

September 2012 Su M T W T F Sa 1 2 3 4 5 2 9 16 23 30 October 2012 Su 6 7 8 9 10 7 14 21 28 M 1 8 15 22 29 T 2 9 16 23 30 W 3 10 17 24 31 T 4 11 18 25 F 5 12 19 26 Sa 6 13 20 27 2 23 1 (中秋節翌日/國慶節)The day following Mid-Autumn Festival / National Day (國慶節翌日)The day following National Day (重陽節)Chung Yeung Festival 3 10 17 24 4 11 18 25 5 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 7 14 21 28 8 15 22 29

November 2012 Su M T W T 1 11 12 13 14 4 11 18 25 5 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 7 14 21 28 8 15 22 29 F 2 9 16 23 30 Sa 3 10 17 24 2 (追思節)All Soul’s Day

December 2012 Su M T W T F Sa 1 15 2 9 16 23 30 3 10 17 24 31 4 11 18 25 5 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 7 14 21 28 8 15 22 29 20-31 1 3-5 6-19 (課堂結束)Last day of classes (1st sem.) (複習/補課)Revision/Make-up Classes (期末考試)Final Examinations of 1st Semester 20 8 10 (聖母無原罪瞻禮)Immaculate Conception (聖母無原罪瞻禮後首個工作日)First Working Day After Immaculate Conception (澳門特別行政區成立紀念日)MSAR Establishment Day (聖誕及新年假期)Christmas / New Year Recess

Week Month
January 2013 Su Mo Tu 1 1 2 3 4 6 13 20 27 7 14 21 28 8 15 22 29 We 2 9 16 23 30 Th 3 10 17 24 31 Fr 4 11 18 25 Sa 5 12 19 26 5 7 7-8 10-16 25

Academic Calendar 2012/2013
Events Public Holidays

(期末考成績公佈)Final Grades Announced (開課)First Day of Classes (2nd Semester) (補考申請)Application for Supp. Exam (補考期)Supplementary Examinations (補考成績公佈)Supp. Exam Grades Announced 1 (元旦)New Year Day

February 2013 Su Mo Tu We Th Fr 1 3 10 5 6 17 24 4 11 18 25 5 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 March 2013 Su Mo Tu We Th Fr 1 7 8 9 10 3 10 17 24 31 4 11 18 25 5 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 7 14 21 28 8 15 22 29 Sa 2 9 16 23 30 29 30 (耶穌受難日)Good Friday (復活節前日)Holy Saturday/Easter Eve 7 14 21 28

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