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Final Caption of Ethics

Concept: Confront minority discrimination: openly set standards for minorities to have more control over their actions, and their own lives rather than members of a dominant or majority group.

Importance: Allowing people to think they are less than they are has to come to a stalling point where they take actions and dominion over their lives. Unequal treatment and have less power, and being overweight must come to an end.

Concept: Confront Racial Discrimination in a Melting Pot: A descendant of a Pilgrim is White, for example. But sometimes race is more ambiguous: People who are the children of an African American and Vietnamese American union are biracial or “mixed,” or whatever they come to be seen by others. Our recognition that race is socially constructed has sparked a renewed interest in what it means to be White in the United States. Two aspects of White as a race are useful to consider: the historical creation of Whiteness and how contemporary White people reflect on their racial identity.

Importance: It should not matter the color of the parent to determine the future of a child. It is important that we allow children not to be categorized before opportunities reach them. Something should be done to allow all children to grow up rather mixed or anything else for that matter to get and gain the same respect as someone brought into a full white family.

Concept: Recognizing Internal Colonialism: is the treatment of subordinate groups like colonial subjects by those in power. Native Americans Found themselves to be the subordinate group on land that once they occupied alone. Now they were being treated like a colonized people by newly formed government.

Importance: I feel that we as Americans should return or find a way to favor all that these people have lost, because of greed, and envy and strife. To be forced

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