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Communication in Marriages


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Communication in Marriages

Having good communication in a marriage is the key to a happy marriage. According to Sole (2011), “Many people believe that communication skills are easy and should come naturally.” Knowing your spouse and what he/she needs and wants is important, but trying to assume what your partner wants or needs based off of what you think you know about them is not fair to them. Actually sitting down and talking to them makes them feel like you care and still love them the same. My experience on self disclosure has been difficult in my relationship. I’m the type of person who has up a guard 90% of the time when it comes down to opening up to people. From my past experience, of opening up to people has made it that much harder for me to have self disclosure with my fiancé. I trust my fiancé, but me telling him everything is hard for me. That’s one of the issues we’ve been working on and I’m starting to open up a little but it’s not enough for him. According to Schoenberg (2011), “Affective Affirmation is behavior that makes your partner feel loved, cared for or special plays a role in happy marriages.” Self disclosure is important in a relationship because I believe it makes the other person feels like they can be friends as well as your partner. That makes them feel like they are really doing something right and it makes the other person feel loved. I believe gender difference have something to do with it. I’m a female so a lot of the times guys just don’t understand things the way we do. Me and my best friend can pretty much talk about any and everything because she’s a female and she understands. Then she gives me feedback on the conversation. With my fiancé sometimes he doesn’t understand what I’m saying so the conversation gets frustrating and sometimes leads to arguments. That’s why I choose not to talk to him about

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