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Card Money In New France

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The introduction of playing cards as a currency in New France is simply due to a lack of a consistent currency within the colony. These playing cards issued by the Intendent of New France were used as currency in New France and is often referred to as “card money”. French coins being used a currency within the colony failed because of a shortage within of the coins with the colony (Heaton, 1928, pp.650-651). This failure of French coins to suffice as a currency within the colony and the commercial structure necessary for consumers led to card money becoming legal tender within New France. Therefore, if it were 1686 and I were in New France I believe I would accept a quarter of a king of spades if it were offered as payment for many reasons. …show more content…
This investment by King Louis XIV (king of France at the time) would lead New France to rely on France but leave citizens of the colony to believe in the authorities in charge of the ruling of the colony. In 1686 in Quebec City card money was considered legal tender. Card money was first issued by Jacques de Meulles (who was the Intendent of Justice, Police and Finance in New France) on June 8, 1685 after all other methods to pay the soldiers of the colony were exhausted; so by 1686 card money had already successfully been distributed and refunded for French coin by the Intendent (Powell, p.5). The Intendent’s job in the colony of New France was to develop economic development (Emery, et al., p.37). In accordance “de Meulles spent his own money [and] borrowed from his colleagues,” (Heaton, 1928, p.62) to pay the soldiers of the colony, therefore showing the lengths to which de Meulles went to pay the soldiers of the …show more content…
The king of France (king Louie XIV) believed that counterfeiting of card money would be simple, stating in a letter to de Meulles according to Shorrtt, (1925a) “He [His Majesty] strongly disapproved of . . . circulating . . . card notes . . . [because of them being] being extremely dangerous, nothing being easier to counterfeit than this sort of money” (Powell, p.5). This issue could have been quite problematic because the method in which card money was created was quite simple. To create card money in 1685 de Meulles got a pack of cards, cut the cards into quarters and proceeded to write the value of the cards with which he added his initials and finally his seal (Heaton, 1928, p.

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