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Career Path Research Paper

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By far, I think that the most important factor in my life is my immigrant background and by extension, my Cuban heritage. Beyond the standard quest for the American Dream ingrained in me by my parents, being the child of immigrants has forced me to be extremely independent, especially when making academic decisions. In a lot of ways, my parents can’t give me all the advice American parents can give as to what steps are right for me when I explore career paths or college choices, so that leaves the burden of research and exploration really heavy on my shoulders. Further, in large part due to their extremely high standards and expectations, I’ve been driven to push myself and challenge myself every single day. I really have become very goal-driven

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Career Path Research Paper

...Choosing a career path can be one of the most challenging decisions we make in our life, it must be something you love, want to do everyday and something that has the income to support your family. Coaching at the collegiate level for baseball is something many retired baseball players choose to use as a career path. Playing the game will end one day ,but you can always coach and be apart of baseball for however long you want. Being able to coach and give kids the knowledge of the game that you gain over the years would be great, to help kids play the game the proper way is something every athlete should love doing everyday. There are over 1,600 division I baseball programs in the United States and well over 50,000 baseball coaches ( College...

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Syllabus Instructor: Ann Finnegan 304 Mumford Hall; 333-5509 OFFICE HOURS: Monday 10:30 am – 12:30 pm Wednesday 9 – 11 am Thursday 1:30 – 3:30 pm or by Appt. Course Description: This course provides a study of contemporary issues and career opportunities in AgriAccounting and Finance in Agribusiness. Through an in-depth dialogue with industry professionals, students will develop an understanding of the skill sets needed to succeed in each of the different career paths discussed. Objectives: This course is designed to: * introduce you to a wide range of career opportunities in the fields of AgriAccounting and Finance in Agribusiness, * develop an understanding of the skill sets needed to succeed across the different career paths, * develop appropriate communication skills for use in the business environment, * examine the various academic paths available in AgriAccounting and Finance in Agribusiness and discuss the specifics of each path. Class Format and Participation: This course is a lecture/discussion format. Most class sessions will consist of presentations by guest speakers from various firms. The speakers will discuss their career experiences and the opportunities available to you. Many are alumni of the AgriAccounting or Finance in Agribusiness options and will share with you their views on these programs. The sessions are intended to provide you access to very important resources. Professionalism ...

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