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Case Study #1 Jules Ferry

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Jules Ferry: On French Colonial Expansion (1884)
Regina Farr-Killian
DeVry University: HIST405
Professor Thomas Keyser
March 6, 2016

Jules Ferry is known for being a politician and twice the Prime Minister of France in the 18th century. Ferry wrote a pro-expansion speech to recite for the French Parliament on March 28, 1884. The main idea for his speech was to justify the policy on colonial expansion by addressing the need for growth in the French commerce. Is Ferry acting in good faith to the French or is it his own greed and the need to be superior, especially with the African countries? Jules Ferry was concerned with economic strategies, because major industries of France were lacking outlets to export their goods such as textiles, Germany and the United States had set up trade barriers, he considered the United States of America perfectionists, he feared that the South American markets would be taken over by North America, and he knew that the markets of France were not only shrinking but being taken over by the “great states”. Ferry also realized that times had changed, warships could not carry more than two week worth of coal and the need for a place to supply, shelter, and as port of defense was needed. Therefore, it was urgent for France to acquire more colonies. The arguments against imperialism have been raised by Ferry’s critics, by Jules Ferry, (1884) stating “indeed the higher races have a right over lower races.” (para.4). He also stated “the superior races have a right and duty to civilize the inferior races” and Spanish soldiers and explores introduced slavery into Central Africa, they did not fulfill their duty as men of a higher race” (para. 5). Ferry’s critics felt that he was justifying slavery. Ferry, (1884) countered by stating “again, the superior race have the right and duty to civilize the inferior race, I...

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