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Kodak: Changing the Picture Synopsis The case begins by recalling Kodak¶s storied history, which began in 1888 with its introduction of the Brownie camera priced at $1.00. By 2000,
was one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the world. However, by the year 2000, the company faced many challenges. Its stock price had plummeted, and it had begun laying off workers. Even worse, when the September 11tragedy hit, consumers began to flock to digital cameras, and cell phone manufacturers beganto offer camera phones. As if all that were n¶t enough, Fuji was slowly but surely exposing the cracks in Kodak¶s marketing strategy. This was especially true of the move toward one-hour photo processing. In early 2003, the company began a major reevaluation of corporate strategy. In the years following,
Kodak reduced its dependence on traditional photography. The new direction for the company would focus on non-photographic markets, digital markets (such as inkjet printers and high-end digital printing), and medical imaging. The company would no longer invest in traditional consumer film, which, along with photography, accounted for 70 percent of Kodak¶s revenue and all its profits. By 2004, the company had been significantly restructured in a manner reflective of the new strategic directions.
By 2006, it appeared that the new strategic plan was not working, as evidenced by heavy losses and a declining stock price.
Discussion Questions 1. How are the market structure and demand, the nature of the buying unit, and the typesof decisions and decision processes in the proposed commercial and health care markets as compared with Kodak¶s traditional consumer market? In the traditional consumer film market,Kodak had to have its film everywhere. Although it could deal with large chains like Walgreen or Wal-Mart, it had to have its film available...

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