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Discussion questions
1. Pick a recent news article that focuses on some international or global problem, and give examples of how and where states, markets, and societies interact and at times conflict with one another. How hard is it to determine the analytical boundaries between the state, market, and society in this case?

ONU se reúne tras supuesto uso de armas químicas
Los estados interactúan ya que son los encargados de mantener la seguridad de cada país, por eso acuden a las organizaciones que se ocupan de este tipo de asuntos. Los mercados pueden verse afectados por las consecuencias de este tipo de ataques y estos dos se implica la sociedad ya que es la afectada de lo que resulte esta situación. Es fácil distinguir los límites de cada parte en este tema ya que el que tiene la mayor responsabilidad es el estado.

2. Review the basic elements and features of the IPE approach: the three main theoretical perspectives, the four structures, the levels of analysis, and the types of power. Which ones do you feel you understand well and which ones need more work?
Los niveles Individual y el de los estados son los más fáciles de comprender ya que se pueden estudiar sin tanto conflicto, pero el sistema internacional: el conflicto internacional a veces es causado por la naturaleza conflictiva del hombre.

3. Define and outline the major features of globalization. Explain the connection between economic liberal ideas and globalization. Which of the three IPE perspectives (or combination of perspectives) about globalization do you agree with most?

Globalization is important because it has framed the four structures of the international political economy outlined above. Many of the rules and processes related to trade, money, technology, and security reflect this popular concept. Globalization has brought about a significant change in the way many experts and officials think about the international political economy. It has both strengthened and weakened the power of many institutions and actors along the way.
The term “globalization” began appearing in the IPE lexicon in the mid-1980s to describe the growing interdependence (interconnections) among people and states all over the world that resulted from the digital revolution and the spread of Western (U.S.) culture.

4. Based on what you have learned so far in this chapter and from reading newspapers, outline a few things you know about the connection between globalization, the financial crisis, and capitalism. Do you agree with those who suggest that the financial crisis raises serious concerns about the viability of capitalism? Explain.

Sí, porque todo va ligado y el poder del capitalismo radica en lo financiero, si este se ve afectado entonces el capitalismo no llega a cumplir sus propósitos

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