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Review Questions

1. You have just installed a new disk on a Windows Server 2008 server. Which of the following do you do first to prepare the disk for use?
Answer: a. partition the disk

2. The _____ partition or volume contains the operating system files, such as the files in the \Windows folder.
Answer: boot

3. You have just upgraded from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008. Now you are trying to recover a set of databases that you backed up on DVDs in Windows Server 2003 before you started the upgrade, but the Windows Server Backup tool gives you an error message. What is the problem?
Answer: c. The Windows Server Backup tool is not compatible with backups made from the Windows Server 2003 Backup tool.

4. Your company is considering installing an iSCSI SAN, but one of the department heads mentions that he has heard Windows Server 2008 does not have a management tool for an iSCSI SAN. What is your response?
Answer: d. This is not true because you can install Storage Manager for SANs.

5. You are consulting for a company that has been performing full backups every night for its Windows Server 2008 servers. A problem they have been experiencing is that the backups are taking longer and longer. What is your recommendation for this company?
Answer: b. Use a custom backup that enables you to use a combination of full and incremental backups.

6. Dynamic disks support RAID levels _____, _____, and _____.
Answer: 0, 1, and 5.

7. You are consulting for an organization that has chosen to use disk striping as a way to extend the life of their four hard disks. Now one of the disks has failed and they call you for help. What do you advise them?
Answer: d. Install a new disk and perform a full restore on all four disks.

8. RAID level 5 requires a minimum…...

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.... If they are matched, a 4-second beep sound indicates a successful match, after which the user 30 mainframe begins to operate in Arming mode, and the Arming indicator on the panel will light up. You can insert a one-digit number in the middle of(9)(#). This number is the corresponding zone group number (group 1 to group 8, with 0 standing for all zones) Disarming: Similar to the arming operation. When a short beep is sounded, press the(0)(#)(1)(2)(3)key on the keypad of the telephone or mobile phone. A 4-second beep sound indicates that the user mainframe is successfully disarmed, and the “Arming” indicator on the panel blacks out. You can insert a one-digit number in the middle of (0)(#). This number is the zone group number of the group which has been disarmed (group 1 to group 8, with 0 standing for all zones) Note: “9#” is the arming operation code, “0#” is the disarming operation code, while “1234” is the password used for arming/disarming by the user mainframe, which can be modified as you wish (See instructions on deletion and modification operations in Chapter 7). Method 3: Use the remote control for arming/disarming operation. To arm with the remote control Press the [pic] key on the remote control. When the user mainframe receives the remote control signal, the “BF” indicator will light up on the panel and two beep sounds will be prompted, which means the user mainframe has accepted the “arming” command, and 1...

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