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Character Analysis Of Janie In 'Their Eyes Were Watching God'

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By chapter 6 in “Their Eyes Were Watching God”, Janie has already been in two marriages; With one of them currently ended from Janie running off. Joe Starks, Janie’s, current husband, criticizes Janie in many ways throughout the chapter. Examples of how he treats her are how he excludes her from wearing her hair down by forcing her to wear a head rag and forbidding her from attending the mule’s funeral. However, the way Janie reacts to all of these things Joe does to her reveals a great deal of information about her character at the time in the book. Joe has been jealous of the other men in town messing with Janie’s hair when she let it down, so he made her wear a head rag in order to prevent the other men from messing with it. This occurs after Walter was caught “brushing the back of his hand back and forth on the loose end of her braid” (Ch 6, P55), which of course infuriates Joe and Janie obeys to his command without resistance. What this reveals about her character thus far into the book is how submissive she is. She simply lets another person take control of her like …show more content…
He did not want her to be “goin’ out on all dat mess uh commonness” (Ch 6, P60). Janie, like in the head rag situation, was also obedient to Joe and did not try to rebel all that much. Janie wanted to be with the other townsfolk even though Joe disallowed her to. It reveals how Janie feels restricted although she lives with wealth because of the power Joe has over her. Janie, however, does attempt to get Joe to change his mind about letting her go to the funeral saying that he “would be dere with [her]” (Ch 6, P60). Janie does try to do what she really wishes to do, but Joe still refuses to let her go to the mule’s funeral. She may be obedient to Joe as well as submissive, but she also wants to break out of the shell that Joe has enclosed her

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