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UGEA Chinese Society Chin Tse Kai 1155056381 Dr. Hua Guo Case Study 1. Introduction Maotanchang High School is a cramming school located in Maotanchang town, Lu An city of Anhui Province in China. Despite the prosperous cities like Shanghai or Guangzhou near the coast, Maotanchang town is in the middle of China, inside foot hills of Anhui. Maotanchang town did not enjoy the economic growth of China’s opening economy, but instead, it specialised in becoming a Gaokao cramming town. 2. What make Maotanchang a cram city? 2.1 Inland Cities’ Inherited Disadvantages In 1979, Deng Xiaoping established several economic special zones in coastline cities of China, including Shanghai and Guangzhou. These cities, has become some of the richest cities in China. And their open economy and advantageous geographic position plays a big role. But small towns like Maotanchang didn’t enjoy much of the opening of China economy. According to The Economists, Anhui’s GDP is only equivalent to Pakistan, while Shanghai’s GDP is equivalent to Finland. The poor location Anhui province is in and the lack of labour, infrastructure facilities made these inland cities hard to enjoy the same growth as coastal cities. Coastal cities contributes XX% of Chinese GDP in 2014, however inland cities only represent XX percent. 2.2 Education Specialization as a Solution to Economic Struggle Lacking specialised industries, Maotanchang thus focus on education, and become a “cramming” specialised city, which can keep it from poor and differentiate itself from other inland cities. The disadvantage for Maotanchang to develop industry actually become the advantages for it to specialise in...

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