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Cider in Germany

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Market Research Cider Germany
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Cider Focus Presentation

Market Players * KELTEREI POSSMAN GmbH & Co. KG * Kelterei Possmann KG Brand Volumes, 2006-2010 * RAPP’S KELTEREI GmbH * Rapps Kelterei GmbH Brand Volumes, 2006-2010 * KELTEREI HEIL OHG * Kelterei Heil OHG Brand Volumes, 2006-2010 * -------------------------------------------------
Cider Market in Germany to 2014
Market Research Report * Product Code:DAT28740 * Publication Date:March 2011 * Publisher:Datamonitor * Product Type: Report * Pages:31 * Cider…...

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...Introduction The Irish Cantrell & Cochrane Group plc is a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of beverages founded in 1850 operating in cider, spirits and liqueurs but also soft drinks. The structure of C&C’s brands is shown in the following Boston Matrix Cider Spirits & Liqueures Market Growth Soft Drinks Market share Source: Extracted from C&C annual report 2007 Since Cider is C&C’s major branch I want to concentrate on that. The major markets for C&C cider are Northern Ireland and Great Britain but also the Unites States and Continental Europe belong to the sales market. Due to the fact that the company Scottish & Newcastle’s sells a similar product with the same name in England, C&C markets its premium cider as Magners outside Ireland to avoid confusions. 1.2 PEST Analysis To examine the Cider market I want to cover the some relevant points of a PEST analysis. First of all there are some political issues that are relevant. The political environment in the countries where C&C delivers its beverages is politically stable. The government could affect the drink market either by taxation, by passing laws regulating binge drinking or by rising the legal drinking age in pubs. The smoking ban also contributes to a decline in sales. In 2004 the cider market began to transform from a mature market into an innovative segment. In 2005 the market grew by 8% in value from......

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...observation. Secondary sources of information such as the company’s website were also used. History, Size, Ownership and Services Provided Commercial cider production started in Clonmel in the 1930s, by local man William Magner. Dowd's Lane in Clonmel was the original location of this Buisness. Mr Magner quickly established a successful business and, in 1937, he joined forces with the English cider-makers H.P. Bulmer and Co of Hereford, securing the rights to the Bulmers brand name in the Republic of Ireland. In 1946, Mr. Magner withdrew from the business and in 1949 the Bulmers name came to the fore. Today, Bulmers Ltd is a formidable Irish company. Cider production has been moved to state of the art production facilities at Annerville, on the outskirts Clonmel. The company currently employs over 250 people and is a substantial part of the economic infrastructure of the community of Clonmel. It continues to own the trade mark Bulmers® in the Republic of Ireland but it is no longer connected with HP Bulmer Ltd of Hereford, UK. Bulmers Ltd is now part of the C&C Group, which also owns the Tennent’s beer brands and the Gaymers English cider brands. Bulmers Ltd has a well deserved reputation for innovative and successful product development and marketing. Bulmers Cider comes in several different varieties: Bulmers Original Cider, Bulmers Pear, Bulmers Berry, Bulmers Light, Bulmers Mid-Strength and Bulmers Specials. In summer 2012, Bulmers refreshed its livery and......

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Alcohol Pricing home, rather than in bars or restaurants, and is often deeply discounted. In Britain and Ireland supermarkets frequently sell drinks at or below cost, to lure in customers: cheap strong cider means a Scotsman can reach his recommended weekly drinking limit of 21 units (210ml of pure alcohol)for just £4.62 ($7.50); an Irishwoman can buy her 14 units for €6.30 ($8.70). The trend is spreading. Walmart, an American chain, recently started selling beer almost at cost. The cheaper the liquor, the more people drink. That is not just bar-room wisdom. A 2009 paper in Addiction, a public health journal, reviewed 112 distinct studies of changes in alcohol taxes and found an unambiguous link. This suggested that a 10% price rise in prices would cut consumption by around 5%. Two groups are particularly price sensitive. Heavy drinkers tend to trade down and seek out cheaper booze to maintain their intake. They drink at home and are likely to die early of alcohol-related illness. Such topers account for a large share of consumption: in Scotland 80% of alcohol is drunk by 30% of boozers. A second category is young and underage merrymakers who often have low or minimal income. They cannot afford to drink as much when prices rise. Most government initiatives on prices have been tentative. In 1998 Germany introduced a so-called “apple-juice law”: in places where booze is consumed, at least one alcohol-free beverage must cost less than the cheapest alcoholic one. This does not deal with......

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...beers” called Samuel Adams Utopias. These beverages push the very boundaries of the definition of beer as they are brewed with extremely unique ingredients with many having alcohol percentage by volume of over twenty percent. These are specially packaged in unique, elegant bottles and produced in small quantities each year as less than 15,000 bottles are produced. These rival some of the world’s finest cognacs and ports and are aimed at the higher end of the market accordingly with each bottle selling for $199. (About) In addition to Samuel Adams beers, The Boston Beer Company also brew under trade names through two subsidiary companies, The Hardcore Cider company and The Twisted Tea Brewing company. The cider company is responsible for the current raving success of Angry Orchard cider which has established itself as the premium hard cider brand on the shelf. Twisted Tea is Boston Beer Company’s introduction into the flavored malt beverage category of beer which is highly competitive. Even so, its products Twisted Tea and Twisted Lemonade have maintained the leadership position in their categories through strong marketing and loyalty of drinkers. (Annual Report) Lastly, as Samuel Adams has strived to introduce foreign quality beer into the U.S. it has recently partnered in a two year collaboration with Germany’s Weihenstephan Brewery to release the beer Infinium, which marks the first new beer style created under this Brewery in over a hundred years. (About) ......

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...night clubs, bars, beaches etc. Beer’s worldwide popularity makes brewing industry one of the largest global industries in the world. More than 140 billion liters are sold per year generating revenues of more than $490 billion by 2013. Beer consumption differs for various countries. Czech Republic is leading the consumption with the average of 132 liters per capita. Germany, Austria, Ireland and Canada are the countries following the Czech Republic with the consumption over 100 liters per capita. Considering the global popularity of beer, there are countless brewery companies all around the world. 2. COMPANY PROFILE Heineken is a Dutch brewing company which was founded in 1864 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken in Amsterdam. The company owns around 200 breweries in more than 70 countries. Heineken is the 3rd largest brewer in the world by producing almost 140 million hectoliters of beer yearly. The company holds more than 250 brands globally including Amstel, Birra Moretti, Cruzcampo, Deperados, Dos Equis, Foster’s, Newcastle Brown Ale, Ochota, Primus, Sagres, Sol, Star, Tecate, Zlaty Bazant and Zywiec. It also produces ciders under the brands Strongbow Gold and Bulmer’s. Operating all around the world, Heineken divides its operations into 5 global districts: Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, The Americas, Africa and the Middle East, and Asia Pacific ( This picture clearly displays Heineken’s global power. Heineken’s global power comes from its......

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