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Cj Morrison Paradox

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My biggest paradox in my life is not so old. In fact it entered it became a problem about a year ago. But first let me explain what a paradox is. A paradox is “a statement or proposition that despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless logically, unacceptable, or self- contradictory.” Soon after I turned nineteen I met the girl of my dreams at a dance club in downtown Hartford. The night I met her happens to be one of the most memorable and unexpected nights of my entire life. That led us to hang our more and more after that night, it was not long before we became significant to one another. After a couple of months I realized that I had some gender identity issues not understanding that men and women think and sometimes communicate differently. An order for an organization as small as a lover’s relationship to succeed there must be equality, trust and sound communication. After being in a relationship for longer than a year there were things that I was a custom to doing that my significant other was not willing to let go anymore. She started to tell me not to tweet certain things or to like certain pictures on Instagram and twitter. This was always a problem but because it was early in our relationship and I gave her no reason to distrust me she did not say anything. But when there was an issue about me talking to another girl while I was with her, trust became something of the past and things like the social networks became more of an issue. I told myself and I told her that I was going to change and that I wanted to change. I did not always understand why what I was doing was a mistake and was hurting the girl I loved. I had misconceptions of the pictures she was drawing for me. She did not feel comfortable with her boyfriend on social networks showing other girls attention in general whether I knew them or not. As for me I thought it was about the girls I did not know. In thinking that I frustrated her because to her it should have been common sense. This is another difference in our maturity levels; I was still thinking it was okay to like bikini pictures all over social media. I mean there's nothing wrong with it but there is no reason to do it all over social media. All she wanted was for me to not embarrass her Emotionally I became distraught because I wanted to do right by her but I didn’t know how. I did not fully understand what the problem was and because of that are goals may have been the same but the way we went about reaching them and our understanding of them were different. I became emotionally distraught and it started to affect me physically when we would constantly fight and argue. It was the worst because most of the time it always resulted in threats of us breaking up and her telling me I was too immature for a relationship. This was unimaginable how could I love someone so much and still find ways to hurt them, make them not want to be with me? Why was this happening to me? What was it that she wanted from me that I wasn’t fixing already? Did we have the same values was she that much more knowledgeable than I was? After going through many of times of trying to earn her trust back and losing it for stupid things I finally realized what the problem was. In order to help my relationship get better and grow I had to figure out what my problem was. I needed to understand myself before I could try and understand her and what she needed from me. In doing this I became torn because I realized a part of myself that had to go away and it was not just her that agreed. Close people in my life like my parents had made my immaturity and lack of comprehension with certain things posed a problem all my life. Some strategies that I need to use in order to ease the paradox and help me balance things out is to stop trying to fix sophisticated problems with simple solutions. It’s as simple as understanding the cliché saying “Easier said than done”. Once I understood what about me that was causing the issues I was then able to and clarify what my next moves will be. When we finally talked only then we were able to understand one another. Then we were able to establish what needed to be done as a team. That’s when we started to become happy again. I took an approach to always take a look at whom I was and assess my progress or regressions. Understanding how an organization of small size needs balance and equality because know one wants to feel lesser to someone you met as equals. I learned so much from these different emotions and clashing of my ideals. It helped me learn that people are put in are lives to help us grow and learn whether its in a positive way or negative. It is important to keep yourself humble because it’s okay to take a look at yourself. There could be something about you that is hurting your loved ones and driving them away. We are not perfect but I do understand what it means to do what you feel. Actions truly do speak louder than words.

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