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Clanship In The Cherokee Tribe

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The Cherokee tribe is one of the largest known tribes. There are many people who claim that they are full blood and many people who are descendants of the Cherokee people. The Cherokee people were scattered around the Appalachian Mountains and they lived in small villages. The villages would usually come together to have celebrations and war. There are also seven clans within these villages: a ni gi lo hi (Long Hair Clan), a ni sa ho ni (Blue Clan), a ni wa ya (Wolf Clan), a ni go te ge wi (Wild Potato Clan), a ni a wi (Deer Clan), a ni tsi s qua (Bird Clan), and finally a ni wo di (Paint Clan). Clanship is important in the Cherokee culture because it sets up different rules for each clan. The individuals claim their clan based on their mother …show more content…
The Cherokee people eventually moved out of the Appalachian Mountains and some were later forced to move. In Georgia where some Cherokee’s have settled, they ran into some complications with the white people during the discovery of gold. The white people were obsessed with finding gold so they decided it was time to kick the Cherokee people out. They were also one of the tribes that were forced to move to Indian Territory known as the “Trail of Tears”. The President at this time was Andrew Jackson. President Jackson ordered the removal of the Cherokee’s in 1838 and they were sent off to Indian Territory, which is now Oklahoma. This is one of the hardest moments for not only the Cherokee but also many Native Americans. The reason why the name “Trail of Tears” is given is because many of the Native Americans would cry on their way to Indian Territory. Thousands died on their way because of hunger, harsh conditions, and …show more content…
They played a game called Stickball that is similar to the modern day Lacrosse. Stickball originated as a way to settle arguments. The game is played by throwing the ball with two sticks and tries to hit the target, which would be the pole. The pole has a fish on top and if any player is to hit the fish they would receive three points and if they hit the bottom underneath the fish they would only receive one point. In the old days, the players would dance before the game starts and only the most athletic males could play. Nowadays, women can also play the game. While the men use sticks in the game, the women play with their hands. The men cannot hit the women in the game for the ball but the women are allowed to hit the men to get the ball. Stickball is an important game in Cherokee culture as the game is often played before the Stomp Dance is

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