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Coding : using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; namespace ConsoleApplication1
class A { public int multiply(int a,int b) { return a * b; } public double multiply(int a, double b) { return a * b; } public double multiply(double a, double b) { //1 argument type different OVERLOADING can be performed return a * b; } }//*********************************fraction************************************ #region fraction class fraction { int numerator, denominator; //field public void display() { Console.WriteLine(numerator + "/" + denominator); } public fraction() { numerator = 0; denominator = 1; } public fraction( int n, int d) { numerator = n; denominator = d; } public fraction(int n) { numerator = n; denominator = 1; } } #endregion //*********************************length************************************ #region length class length { int feet, inches; public void display() { if (inches >= 12) { feet = feet + (inches / 12); inches = inches % 12; } Console.WriteLine(feet + "'" + inches + "\""); } public length() { feet = 0; inches = 0; } public length(int f) { feet = f; inches = 0; } public length(int f,int i) { feet = f; inches = i; } #endregion }//*****************************property*************************** #region property class point { int x, y;

public int Y { get { return y; } set { y = value; } } public int X { get { return x; } set { x = value; } #endregion } class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { //A obj = new A(); //int res; //this method is called METHOD OVERLOADED //double result; //result = obj.multiply(10.5, 20.1); //res = obj.multiply(10, 20); //Console.WriteLine(result); //Console.WriteLine(res); //fraction f1 = new fraction(); //f1.display(); //fraction f2 = new fraction(5); //f2.display(); //fraction f3 = new fraction(3,4); //f3.display(); length l1 = new length(); l1.display(); length l2 = new length(8); l2.display(); length l3 = new length(5, 32); l3.display(); point p1 = new point(); p1.X = 15; Console.WriteLine(p1.X); } } }





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