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College Football and Pay for Play

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“The rising dollar value of the exploitation of athletes is obscene, is out of control.”
-Roger Noll, Economics Professor Emeritus, Stanford
The whole purpose in researching this topic was based on the fact that the researcher is a fan of college sports, football and basketball especially. As the researcher has grown into adulthood and come to understand that with most things in life, it’s all about business in some form or fashion. So with that being said, as in any business situation, laborers get paid for revenue they work to produce. “The NCAA's current men's basketball tournament agreement with CBS and Turner is worth an average of more than $770 million per year, and the current Bowl Championship Series television deal – money that goes to conferences and then is distributed to schools, with no NCAA involvement – is worth $180 million per year. The new college football playoff, which starts in the 2014 season, will be worth about $470 million annually to the conferences.” (Cohen & Russo, 2013) This is money that is created through the blood, sweat, and tears of the athletes. On multiple occasions, the researcher has participated in and listened to many arguments on how a scholarship is equal enough payment for student-athletes. The researcher has always found that theory to have a multitude of flaws though, and that’s mainly because common knowledge tends to show that things are not always as they seem. This is explained by the fact that most ‘4-year’ scholarships are actually revocable, so in essence, athletes can actually be ‘fired’ from college. The aforementioned statement is a major fact that makes these student-athletes basically indistinguishable from an employee.
Research question: Why don’t college athletes get paid for all the revenue they produce for

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