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The Importance Of Paying College Athletes Paid

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Have you ever wondered how much money professional athletes make annually? What about college athletes? There is not one college football player that is being paid right now. This is a problem because it is taking up their time that they need to use towards education and jobs. By paying all of the professional football players it will give them money for their life outside of school football if they do not make it to the NFL. Most college football players do not make it to the NFL leaving them nowhere because there education is poor and they do not have any money.Businesses won't hire them because they have not specialized in a subject such as business.
The average professional athlete in America makes between $1.9 million and $5.15 million …show more content…
This means that If the college football league paid their player they would still earn lots of money and still be able to pay their players. If collages paid their players there would be a lot more advertisement for the league making them more money. This would make them more money because on sport talk shows they would discuss pay roles and suspensions would be more important because they would lose lots of there money. In conclusion, college athletes should be getting paid enouph money that they can buy food and afford a dorm.College athlets work very hard every week during football season dependeing on there team with no reward besides the slite chance of making the NFL.Overall I think that college athlets should be paid because of there hard work ad detication towards the sport that they love.Most football players describe football as there life and there job not just a sport.Imagin if you had a special talent but you didnt want to purse it because you couldent due to the fact there is gong to be no money

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