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COM 114 WRITTEN EXAM AND SPEECH REQUIREMENTS Part 1: Written Exam The written exam, 50 multiple choice questions, is based on the COM 114 text, Effective Presentations, 1st or 2nd edition (2011, 2012), by Dr. Melanie Morgan and Jane Natt. Copies of the text are available in campus bookstores, from online sources, and from previous COM 114 students. Students must score 70% (35 out of 50 correct) or more to pass. One hour is allotted for the exam. Students will be informed of the results of the written exam via email within 24 hours, and then assigned a speech date and time if applicable. STAR students will have their results at the end of the exam session they attend, and will be assigned their speaking date and time before leaving the location. At the beginning of each chapter in the text is a list of “Chapter Objectives”. Every question on the exam is based on one of those objectives. To be successful on the exam, a student will need to be able to recognize, define and apply the text material in many different situations. Part 2: Persuasive Speech The persuasive speech is discussed in some length in the text in Chapters 9 through 12. Evaluators will expect students to be acquainted with the format of this type of speech. A persuasive speech urges some specific course of action. As a persuasive speech, the presentation should (1) show that a problem exists and that it is significant to the audience, (2) show how the consequences of the problem are significant to the audience, (3) provide a plan to alleviate or eliminate the problem/difficulty and its consequences, and (4) issue a clear call for action from the audience. The speech should utilize a problem-solution plan of organization. Students may also use the Monroe Motivated Sequence which is discussed in the text. The topic is the choice of the student. A video will be made of each speaker. The basic requirements for the speech are as follows:       The speech must be a problem/solution persuasive speech. The speech must be six to eight minutes in length. The speech is to be delivered extemporaneously, that is, neither read from a manuscript or detailed note cards nor memorized. Five 3 x 5 note cards written on one side may be used during the speech. They will be collected after the speech. Two visual aids are required. They can be PowerPoint slides, actual objects, or transparencies. Two PowerPoint slides equal two visual aids. NO posters are allowed. A computer with projection capabilities is provided. One copy of the speech outline must be provided at the time of the speech. In addition, the outline must be submitted to SafeAssign by the assigned time. Directions will be sent to those students passing the written exam. At least five recent sources must be used to develop the speech, and these must be included in a bibliography that is submitted with the speech outline. Sources must be cited both orally in the speech and in the outline.

  An experienced COM 114 instructor will evaluate the speeches and decide if the student passes or not. Speeches will be judged on delivery, organization, content and mechanics. DELIVERY (cont. next page)

Verbal: delivered in an extemporaneous fashion; understandable vocal communication; free from disfluencies (uh, um, you know) ; Non-verbal: eye contact at least 50% of the time; physical communication free of distraction ORGANIZATION : Introduction announces the topic and previews the main points; appropriate number of clear main points; transitions utilized; sequence of ideas easy to follow; conclusion summarizes the main points CONTENT Speech offers a clear problem and solution; specific action is urged; five recent, credible sources cited in the speech to support the main points; visual aids augment the speech content MECHANICS Within the time limits; two well constructed visual aids used effectively; no more than five note cards, used effectively; two outlines provided and submitted through SafeAssign; five recent, credible items listed on the bibliography Questions may be emailed to

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