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Commercial Metals Sustainability Report

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Commercial Metals Company (CMC) is a is a Fortune 335 the United States global and low-cost company, manufacturing, recycling, and marketing steel and metal products. The company incorporated in 1946 and its history stretched back to 1915. It has 8,379 employees. The company located in Texas. It has more than 200 local recycling centers, steel mills, fabrication facilities, and marketing and distribution offices. Also, the company has other related operations in more than 25 counties. Its steels are used to build German airports, Singaporean high-rise buildings and many other famous structures around the world. It is a legal, ethical, safety, environmental- friendly and successful company.
The Commercial Metals produced a sustainability report and the report is available by the year 2015, but it did not provide a comprehensive sustainability reports like its competitors did. In the ESG report, it described the environmental, social and governance issues, and also it conducted opportunities and goals of an environmental friendly producing process including greenhouse gas emissions reduction. However, the company did not provide metrics or public goals. Because the Commercial Metals is a manufacturer
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Commercial metals are one of the world’s largest metal recyclers. In its manufacturing processes, the company saves over 215,000,000 cubic feet of landfill space annually. Each recycled steel can save 2,500 pounds of iron ore1, 400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone. Thus, the company greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The recycled metal scrap is melted into new steel in other productions; also some of the cycled metal scraps was used in projects that build America's buildings and infrastructure. Moreover, it operates more than 60 locations globally to process and manage recycled

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