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Clare’s Chocolates Case Study: Marketing Assessment

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Marketing assessment
Outcome 1

1. Identify three key characteristics of the marketing concept.
Marketing is about being consumer orientated. All the marketing and the business activities involved should be directed to create and satisfy consumers’ needs and wants. The goal should be consumer satisfaction in order to succeed. The product or service which is being offered should be purely focused on customers/consumers.
Market research is another key characteristic in order to succeed as it helps organisation to determine what consumer’s needs and wants are. By conducting market research it helps understanding what consumers are seeking for and finding ways to provide products or services which customers demand as it very vital. Also by conducting market research regularly it allows a business to keep up to date with the market.
Marketing planning is another key asset to have in order to succeed. The overall objective of a firm is to maximise profit through satisfaction of customers. This is achieved by identifying, anticipating predicting and satisfying customers’ needs and wants. It is about understanding and amending and shaping your service or product based on your customers’ demands.

2. Explain Clare’s Chocolates micro and macro environment.
An organisation is affected by many things which can either be long term or on a daily basis. There is an marketing environment in a firm which influences the way they operate which can be split into 3 sections which are also known as the micro environment, the macro environment and the internal environment. This allows the firm to fully understand the market environment and effectively operate despite the outcome being negative or positive as the firm’s control over some of the factors in a marketing environment varies.
To relate this to the case study, Clare’s chocolates aim to provide ‘a luxurious

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