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Farewell Speech The farewell dinner was on. The vice president was being given a farewell by the employees with whom he had worked for more than 25 years. Camaraderie, reflections, sharing of thoughts and memories, lots of wine, and plenty of food could sum up the mood of the party. The CEO walked in to join the party and he was soon requested to deliver a short speech looking at the mood and the spirit of the occasion. The CEO, an eloquent speaker, stood up and delivered a great speech, marked with touches of gentle humour, about life after retirement, what the vice president meant to the company and to him personally, how he had reached such heights and yet never compromised his values, and that his exit would be a difficult space to fill in. As the CEO spoke, all eyes were fixed on him. Most employees were serious, watchful, and paying full attention. Some were clearly indifferent. A few proactive listeners, however, enjoyed every bit of what the CEO said which was quite evident from their body language. Their smiling faces, twinkling eyes, and occasional head nods, in agreement with what the speaker said, were indicative of their level of involvement and enjoyment. In other words, they had tuned themselves to whatever the CEO was saying. However, midway through his speech, the CEO sensed that his speech was becoming a little too stretched; he cut short his speech and wished the vice president all the good health and peace. 1. What has happened here? Explain. 2. Did everybody receive the message the same way? Why? 3. How should a CEO approach his speech preparation for such an occasion? 4. How do listening skills differ according to place, person, and time? Explain in the context of the above situation. 5 OUT OF THE BOX ACTIVITY: This activity is held for the purpose of making the students aware and knowledgeable about the topics not from the syllabus: -The...

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