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Communication Project
Juno is a movie about a 16 year old girl who has a friend that she has a one night stand with and gets pregnant. She has a hard time with the decision to give the baby up for adoption, to have an abortion, or to keep the baby. There are several emotions flying throughout the movie and her parents are did not support her. Specifically the areas of focus are the life cycle of a relationship and conflict resolution. Two key communication elements I would like to discuss are the relationships and conflict resolution throughout the movie Juno.
The two main characters, Juno and Paul were friends before she got pregnant. They went to the same high school and shared a few classes together. Paul and Juno were not in a relationship prior to getting pregnant. Juno was the extravagant type and announced her pregnancy in an extravagant way. The day that she told Paul she was pregnant she moved everything from her living room and parked it in his front yard. He was shocked, as expected and thus started the various struggles that Juno and Paul would experience.
Juno did research and decided on adoption she then went to Paul to make sure this was okay with the decision. Paul told her that whatever she wanted would make him happy. Towards the end they started to form a bond as the struggles of what situations were happening became more prevalent. They formed an unbreakable bond and this came from everything that happened from start to end. Paul was with her at the hospital after she gave birth and he was there for her to support her every day after that. People truly form a bond when they create a baby together which can ultimately bring people together in a time of need.
The other element that happened in this movie was conflict resolution. There are many steps to conflict resolution. The steps to conflict resolution are defining the conflict, examining all possible solutions, testing the solution, and evaluate the solution. Juno picked the couple that she wanted to adopt her baby very early in her pregnancy. The couple was from the same city and was having problems getting pregnant themselves. Juno went over there on a weekly sometimes daily basis and formed a strong bond with the couple on an individual basis. The husband ended up falling in love with Juno even though she was 16. He wanted to leave his wife for Juno and raise the baby together. Juno was shocked and scared and decided she needed to deal with it at that moment.
Overall this movie had many aspects to personal relationships. It also expressed how people interact in certain circumstances. This was a good representation of the life cycle of a relationship. It was also a good representation of conflict resolution. Being pregnant at 16 is a hard thing for a teenager to overcome. Juno proved to all teenagers that it is okay for adoption and you don’t always have to raise the baby yourself.

Diablo, C. (Producer), & Reitman, J. (Director). (2007). Juno [Motion picture]. United States.

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