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Assessment of Non-acute Health and Social Services in Ponchatoula, Louisiana

Laura K. Ogden

Southeastern Louisiana University

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

School of Nursing

NLAB 334

October 29, 2014

Assessment of Non-acute Health and Social Services in Ponchatoula, Louisiana

The community assessed was Ponchatoula, Louisiana. The focus of the assessment was non-acute health and social services. The community-as-partner model was used as a guide in understanding how the different parts of Ponchatoula’s community make up its core, and to apply the steps of the nursing process (Anderson and McFarlane, 2011). The assessment was based on observations of the community, interview data from a nursing home director, and selected published data related to the healthcare and social services assessed. Assessment data was analyzed, and conclusions and inferences drawn from the analysis will be presented in the paper.
Windshield Survey On October 28th at approximately 4:00 pm an observation of Ponchatoula was conducted while driving through the city’s limits. This survey was done to acquire an overall health assessment of Ponchatoula’s environment including buildings and people out and about. The city itself appeared dated as evidenced by the architecture, especially on E. Pine St. However, for being the age they are, the buildings appeared well kept with clean paint jobs. Sidewalks lined each side of E. Pine, which runs east to west through the center of Ponchatoula. Witnessed were 5 men riding bikes, numerous people shopping downtown, and only 1 woman sitting and smoking a cigarette. The focus of the windshield survey was non-acute care and social services. The Ponchatoula Community Center, where the Council on aging is held, is located right in front of the Ponchatoula water tower...

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